Resources integration is imminent new and old bath
Taizhou Xinyue Sanitary Wares Co.,Ltd.  Time:2015/7/24 10:10:11

As the saying goes "spicy ginger or old", although sanitary ware enterprise vitality far more than the old enterprises, but the old enterprises after all, survival for a long time, has a foothold, in terms of market space and consumer groups reap advantages. Bathroom old enterprise "mass basis" better, in the consumer heart has set up a certain brand image and corporate power, which is the new enterprise can not replace the soft strength of the foundation. In the consumer led bathroom market, consumer support is undoubtedly a huge wealth, is a veteran bathroom enterprises, new and old battle, a solid backing. In addition, veteran sanitary enterprises through long-term practice and operation, of sanitary ware market understanding and familiarity to far higher than new enterprises, on the accuracy of the grasp of the market for old enterprises escort.

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